HDR Photography – Horseshoe Bend Here’s a photo that I took in Page, Arizona. This image is actually a panorama of few different shots that I stitched together in Photoshop! When I walked up to Horseshoe bend for the first time, I was absolutely amazed by the sheer size of it. I had just finished photographing […]

View High-Quality Image – Here. HDR Photography – Rocky Shore Sunrise Rocky Shore Sunrise: Here’s a photo that I took of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada. While visiting some friends for the weekend, I decided to get up early and take a few shots over the water. The morning sunrise was exactly what every photographer hopes for, […]

Weekly Photo – Rocky Shore Sunrise Rocky Shore Sunrise: This is a photo of a sunrise over Lake Huron in Northern Canada. While visiting friends for the weekend, I decided to get up early and take a few shots over the water. I thought that the rocky beach and the path leading up to the lake would […]

Free Lightroom Preset Fresh Morning Download this Free Lightroom Preset “Fresh Morning” compliments of Presetpro.com. The “Fresh Morning” preset will add a little character to your images! This preset includes a basic tone curve, contrast and clarity to freshen things up! Add some interest to your photo with this beautiful one click preset. Download and Enjoy! Looking for […]

View High Quality Image – Here. Creative Edit: Very Interesting – Tim Martin “Very Interesting” – It was a cold and rainy night… perfect for taking photos! I was in Toronto Canada near Nathan Philips Square and I noticed this very interesting sculpture “The Archer” by Henry Moore a famous British artist (1898-1986). The unique […]

View High Quality Image – Here. Creative Edit: Night Oasis – Tim Martin “Night Oasis” – I was really excited to process this image! We visited Manzanillo Mexico a few months ago and this is one of my favourite shots that I took during that week. I like this shot because of all the detail […]

View High Quality Image – Here. Creative Edit: Morning Textures – Tim Martin “Morning Textures” – Here’s a neet-o shot that I took in Mexico! After processing the photo in Lightroom, Photomatix and Photoshop, I layered in paper, concrete and rust textures over the image to give it a bit of old world mystery. Sometimes […]

View High Quality Image – Here Creative Edit: Where Are We? – Tim Martin “Where Are We?” Yes, this shot was taken in Toronto, Canada! While we were in the city we made sure to stop at Nathan Philip’s Square (a great place to shoot if you are in the market for… lights, cool buildings and […]