Landscape Photography – Whimsical Wave


Landscape Photography – Whimsical Wave Whimsical Wave – This photo is a close-up of the canyon walls in Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona! While exploring the canyon, I decided to take a few close-up shots for a more abstract looking image. The walls of the canyon are sandstone and the unique lines and shapes are created by […]

Free Lightroom Preset The Lookout


Free Lightroom Preset The Lookout Download this Free Lightroom Preset “The Lookout” compliments of The “The Lookout” preset is perfect for Landscape photos! This preset will balance out the shadows/highlights and add a warmth to your image to complete the look. Add some interest to your photo with this beautiful one click preset. Download and Enjoy! […]

HDR Photography – Alien Trees


HDR Photography – Alien Trees Alien Trees – This is a photo that I took in Las Vegas. While touring around at night, I found these metal “tree-like” structures off the main strip. Despite being made of metal they had a very organic feel to them, almost alien like! I took a moment to marvel at the […]

HDR Photography – Dancing Tree in London

HDR-Photography-Dancing Tree in London

HDR Photography – Dancing Tree in London Dancing Tree in London – This is a photo that I took in London, England. I was lucky enough to be in London during the summer festival last year! The streets were filled with live music and there was a festive buzz in the air. Behind the crowds […]

Landscape Photography – Desert Tree

Landscape Photography - Desert-Tree

Landscape Photography – Desert Tree This is a photo that I took in the Arizona desert! Arizona is one of my favorite places for photography. While exploring one day, I came across this really interesting tree. The roots, shrubs, and mountains that surrounded the tree provided a nice frame for the shot. I’m always fascinated with […]

Night Photography – Ghosting Through Rome


Night Photography – Ghosting Through Rome This is a photo that I took in Rome, Italy. When in Rome, one of the popular sights to see is the Roman Colosseum. After spending the day checking out the ruins and enjoying some gelato, I decided to head over to the Colosseum for some night shots. When […]

HDR Photography – Horseshoe Bend


HDR Photography – Horseshoe Bend Here’s a photo that I took in Page, Arizona. This image is actually a panorama of few different shots that I stitched together in Photoshop! When I walked up to Horseshoe bend for the first time, I was absolutely amazed by the sheer size of it. I had just finished photographing […]

HDR Photography – Rocky Shore Sunrise


View High-Quality Image – Here. HDR Photography – Rocky Shore Sunrise Rocky Shore Sunrise: Here’s a photo that I took of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada. While visiting some friends for the weekend, I decided to get up early and take a few shots over the water. The morning sunrise was exactly what every photographer hopes for, […]

HDR Photography – Gondola View of Venice


View High-Quality Image – Here. HDR Photography – Gondola View of Venice “Gondola View of Venice” – Here’s a shot that I took in Venice, Italy. If you ever find yourself in Venice, I recommend that you take a gondola ride and bring your camera!I know that it can seem a little touristy, but it’s is […]