Blending Light HDR Photography – Vestrahorn Mountain


Blending Light HDR Photography – Vestrahorn Mountain Blending Light HDR Photography – Vestrahorn Mountain: Here’s a photo I took in Stokksnes, Iceland. Located on a dirt road near a retired U.S Military radar station, you will find this spectacular view of the Vestrahorn Mountain! Since we were exposed to the North Atlantic Ocean, I experienced some […]

Landscape Photography – Abandoned Plane in Iceland


Landscape Photography – Abandoned Plane in Iceland Abandoned Plane in Iceland – This is a photo that I took in Iceland! On Nov 24, 1973, this U.S Navy Plane (Douglas Super DC-3) crashed on Sólheimasandur Beach in Iceland. Apparently, it ran out of fuel and the pilot and crew miraculously survived. The wreckage has been sitting […]

Landscape Photography – Whimsical Wave


Landscape Photography – Whimsical Wave Whimsical Wave – This photo is a close-up of the canyon walls in Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona! While exploring the canyon, I decided to take a few close-up shots for a more abstract looking image. The walls of the canyon are sandstone and the unique lines and shapes are created by […]