Weekly Photo – Sky Walk in New York City “Sky Walk” I remember taking this photo, but ask me where in New York this is? I do not have a clue! I did wake up early to photograph the Flat Iron Building and stumbled upon this Sky Walk! All I remember It was still early […]

Free HDR Tutorial and Photomatix Overview Welcome to the wonderful world of HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography. In this free tutorial I will touch on the setup and some of the techniques used to create Dynamic looking images! Let’s get started with a general overview of HDR Photography. HDR Photography: Is a technique of capturing “all […]

Weekly Photo – Morning Stroll in Quebec City Morning Stroll in Quebec City: This is a shot that I took last month in Quebec City, Canada. I woke up at 5:30 am, grabbed a coffee and headed outside. I love taking photos in the morning because no one’s around. I practically had the whole place […]

View High Quality Image – Here. Creative Edit: Night Oasis – Tim Martin “Night Oasis” – I was really excited to process this image! We visited Manzanillo Mexico a few months ago and this is one of my favourite shots that I took during that week. I like this shot because of all the detail […]

View High Quality Image – Here. Creative Edit: Morning Textures – Tim Martin “Morning Textures” – Here’s a neet-o shot that I took in Mexico! After processing the photo in Lightroom, Photomatix and Photoshop, I layered in paper, concrete and rust textures over the image to give it a bit of old world mystery. Sometimes […]

Weekly Photo – Empire East 30th Street NYC After spending the morning taking photos of the Flatiron building in NYC, I decided to head back to the hotel to grab some coffee. On my journey back, I took a moment to set up my gear (Corner of 5th Ave and East 30 St) to snap […]

Weekly Photo – Electric Lights New York City “Electric Lights” The misty rain droplets seemed to dance with the lights and “speckle” my lens causing a cool effect. Sometimes it’s great to capture a person standing still for a long exposure, not sure if he was waiting to cross the road or in aww of […]