Free HDR Tutorial and Photomatix Overview Welcome to the wonderful world of HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography. In this free tutorial I will touch on the setup and some of the techniques used to create Dynamic looking images! Let’s get started with a general overview of HDR Photography. HDR Photography: Is a technique of capturing “all […]

Lightroom Presets for Night Photography in Paris This is a photo that I took of the Eiffel tower at night almost 2 years ago. Although it’s been a few years, I still remember that night like the back of my hand.  It was our first night in Paris after all. Earlier that day we arrived […]

Lightroom Tutorials – HDR in Lightroom 6 & CC Hey everybody, If you didn’t already know, you can create HDR images in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6/CC. I’ve been shooting HDR images (bracketed shoots) for a while now and I absolutely love it!  What is HDR? First let me loosely explain what HDR is… HDR stands for […]