How To Customize Your Sony A7R II Camera I’ve received a few emails asking how to set up the Sony a7r ii for HDR Photography. I decided to share a few of my favorite settings and show you how I quickly access the features that I use the most. If you’re new to Sony, or […]

View High Quality Image – Here. Travel HDR Photography – Good Morning Venice “Good Morning Venice” – Here’s a shot that I took in Venice, Italy. I woke up early and headed down to St. Mark’s Square. This is where they line up the gondolas at night once they’re finished for the day. The sun […]

View High Quality Image – Here. Travel Photography – Paris Skyline “Paris Skyline” – Here’s a shot that I took of the Paris Skyline, in France. If you ever travel to Paris make sure you check out Tour Montparnasse! This 210-meter tall skyscraper is only a “hop, skip and an uber” away from the Eiffel Tower […]

View High Quality Image – Here. Travel Photography – Shard of Glass “Shard of Glass” – Here’s a shot that I took of The Shard in London, England. I was down at the waterfront to photograph Tower Bridge and I noticed that there was a festival happening at City Hall. I went over to check […]

View High Quality Image – Here. Creative Edit: Mountain Peak – Tim Martin “Mountain Peak” – This is a photograph that I took while traveling in the Bernese Alps, which are located in Switzerland. The views were amazing! From this vantage point I could see the mountain range extending all the way to France on […]

Weekly Photo – Morning Sunshine in Mexico Here’s a photo from an early morning in Mexico. I would always wake up with the thought of “What’s the sun/clouds doing today?” I feel like every morning is Christmas morning when I travel, it’s full of a surprises and all I need to do is run outside […]

Weekly Photo – Very Interesting Toronto Canada It was a cold and rainy night… perfect for taking photos! I was in Toronto Canada near Nathan Philips Square and I noticed this very interesting sculpture “The Archer” by Henry Moore a famous British artist (1898-1986). The unique building in the background (City Hall) mixed with rain […]

Weekly Photo – Sundown on the Brooklyn Bridge While visiting New York City, I decide to head over to Brooklyn and catch the sunset. Brooklyn is one of those magical places that seems to encompass everything for city scape photography! This is the first photo I snapped after a short subway trip from Manhattan. Once on the […]

Weekly Photo – Eiffel Tower Paris Here’s a photo from…you guessed it, Paris! I vividly remember this photo because of what happened right after I took the shot! We purchased tickets to see The Moulin Rouge that evening, and it was imperative that I be back at the hotel at a certain time (Hôtel De […]